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Silver-mounted English violin bow by Arthur Barnes, stamped W. E. Hill & Sons, 60.5g

Arthur John Barnes (1888-1945) was deaf mute and entered the Hills workshop in 1920. He was a good worker although his disabilities made it difficult for him to learn the finest aspects of bow making. His best bows may have been finished by other makers

This violin bow is very nicely made, and stamped W. E. Hill & Sons. It is in very good condition with its original parts



Stick: pernambuco (Paubrasilia echinata)

Mounts: silver, ebony (Diospyros spp)

Pearl: white mother or pearl (Pinctada maxima)

Thumb band: kangaroo leather (Macropus giganteus)

Lapping: whalebone (Balaena spp)

Face: silver

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