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Silver-mounted English viola bow by William  Johnston, stamped W. E. Hill & Sons, 71g

William Grieve Johnston (1860-1944) trained at Broadwood & Sons piano manufacturers before moving to the Hills workshop in 1894. He trained under William Retford and made bows from 1900, with a break from 1910 but returned to the bow workshop in 1920 and became workshop manager in 1930.

He is stated to have made more bow sticks than any other Hills maker and his work is well regarded

This bow, stamped W. E. Hill & Sons, was made in 1938 and bears the year stamp '38' on the underside of the handle. It is in good playing condition with its original parts



Stick: pernambuco (Paubrasilia echinata)

Mounts: silver, ebony (Diospyros spp)

Pearl: white mother or pearl (Pinctada maxima)

Thumb band: kangaroo leather (Macropus giganteus)

Lapping: whalebone (Balaena spp)

Face: silver

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