Emile August Ouchard (1900-1969) was one of the more important bow makers of Mirecourt. He was trained by Eugène Cuniot, and helped run the shop with Cuniot's widow until 1922 when he and his father Emile François set up separately. They continued to work together until Emile August moved to Paris in 1940

This is a rare nickel-mounted example, and the frog is in the style of Vuillaume. The stick has been repaired to the underside at its mid-point and the bow weighs 61.5g



Stick: pernambuco (Paubrasilia echinata)

Mounts: silver, ebony (Diospyros spp)

Pearl: pink/green abalone (Haliotis spp)

Thumb band: embossed goat leather (Capra hircus)

Lapping: silver

Face: bone (Bos indicus)