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This silver-mounted double bass bow by Louis Morizot Frères is in good condition and weighs 128g

Five sons of Louis Joseph Morizot set up their bow-making business as 'Morizot Frères.' Different brothers became known for their separate specialisms, Marcel Louis roughing sticks, André August cambering them, Paul Charles making frogs, and Paul Georges polishing and finishing bows. Louis Gabriel (often referred to as Louis Morizot Frères) was primarily involved with double bass bows. Their work was prolific, and remains popular to this day



Stick: pernambuco (Paubrasilia echinata)

Mounts: silver, ebony (Diospyros spp)

Pearl: pink/green abalone (Haliotis spp)

Thumb band: kangaroo leather (Macropus giganteus)

Lapping: silver

Face: ivory (Elephantidae spp) original face, fitted pre1975

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