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The Bow Business is closed until 3rd April 2023

Stephen Thomson is a violin, viola, cello and bass bow maker and repairer based in south east London. He offers a wide range of services including rehairs, repairs and restoration.

Stephen's clients range from the amateur musician, to the student, to the professional, including some of London's leading orchestras and ensembles. Everyone is welcome at the studio.

Reputation is key to the business and the Bow Business strives to offer the most professional service and support to its customers. Communication is at the heart of any interaction and makes for a happy customer and a happy business.

The Bow Business has old restored bows, contemporary bows and Stephen's own bows for sale. See the bows for sale page for an example of the stock that is currently available.
Please contact Stephen for any enquiries, quotes and more information:
Cockpit Arts Deptford
m: 07752287891

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